Step-By-Step Guide to Save Your Marriage

As Divorce rates sky rocket it seems that failing marriage is a epidemic plaguing this country.  Couples are flooded with many problems that can lead them on the path to a divorce.  Divorce is becoming more normal and more accepted as more and more couples feel that they have no other choice.  There are couples, however, that in spite of the pending divorce, are seeking ways to help save their marriage.

Step 1: In order to avoid divorce you should take action and speak openly and honestly with your partner as to why you feel the marriage might be heading in this direction.  Make sure to be open and honest about your feelings, but remain calm during the conversation.

Step 2: Tell your partner how you feel about your life together, how you see your marriage and what possibilities you see in the future together.

Step 3: Address the issues, which you feel are negatively impacting the marriage, and give your partner a change to express their view.  Make sure you listen, as communication is a major step that will help you save your marriage.

* When you open up to your partner, you are able to release the problems and get them out there so that you both understand what is going on in the marriage, you can then take steps to resolve these problems.

Step 4: Allow you partner the opportunity to listen to what you have to say.  Trust them with what you are feeling and give them a chance to really listen and understand where you are coming from.  If you are sincere in your communication you are showing your spouse that you are genuine and want to work things out.

* Sometimes it is easy to share thoughts inside your head, but when it comes to actually sharing your intimate feelings with a person it can be difficult. Is can happen where a marriage can fall apart and one spouse does not even know why, and was under the impressions that everything was fine.  Give your partner a change to understand your feelings and how things are affecting you before you reach the point of no return.

Step 5: Communication can be a hard skill, especially when you are putting negative things out there that the other person might not like to hear.  If you are finding it hard to communicate your feelings with your partner without a fight happening. Then one thing you might want to consider to save your marriage is to see a marriage councilor.  Sometimes it is very beneficial to have a third party listen to the issues and provide feedback from and unbiased view.  It can also be beneficial in that a marriage councilor can act as a mediator and help you to communicate is a way that does not make your partner feel defensive.

* Never go to a marriage councilor thinking that they are going to take your side and gang up with you on your spouse and understand what you are going through.  A councilor is there to help you gain valuable commutation tools, to help resolve your issues in a healthy manner.

There is nothing wrong with seeking help from a marriage councilor even if you are on the brink of divorce.  Some couples seek out councilors help before there are major issues, and use it as a way to improve communication and learn different tools and strategies that will improve their marriage.

If you are feeling that the fighting and issues that are happening between you are your spouse are a huge mistake and you would like to get past them and forge a strong and happy life together, then it is not to late to try these simple steps to help save your marriage right now.

The hardest and most painful thing would be in your actually had to go through a divorce.  Remember you vowed on your wedding day to spend the rest of your lives together and you should not take that vow lightly.  Make another commitment right now to yourself, that you will listen to your spouse and try to understand their feelings and work towards changing things that you are doing wrong to bring life back into your marriage and save it from being one of the divorce rate statistics.

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